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VENUS range

The Venus range sails are made of a cruising laminates - This sophisticated style is produced by laminating two layers of polyester taffeta on both sides of a film-encapsulated scrim. The scrims used in the DC’s proved to have excellent warp stretch performance and great tear strength The taffetas that cover the film and scrim are extremely rugged and further coated with our unique UVM finish to improve UV resistance and to reduce the chances for mildew growth.

Using a radial cut, it is much easier to control le shape of your sail.

Designed by CAD and cut on a numerical laser table, Jupiter sails are made in an appropriate weight material to suit your navigational requirements. We always consult our suppliers to ensure that we use the appropriate material. is always made under recommandation and advice of our supplier.

This range is particulaly adapted coastal and high sea navigation. We also recommend this range for boat owner who rent their yachts.
It covers all sail sizes

As with all our sails, the JUPITER range has undergone rigourous testing and the sails are finished to an exceptionaly high level

These sails are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase.


VENUS Mainsails

Sailonet proposes 2 types of mainsails for which the difference is mainly the layout of the battens:

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VENUS Genoas

Can one call the Furling genoa the "do it all" sail?